This summer we have got you covered from when you need a soothing yet energizing matcha salt bath, to when you crave an aromatic cacao tea for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, to when your hand bag needs a roll-on botanical beauty oil that can be used for your skin or as a hair de-frizzer after a day out in the sun!  This collection will keep your body, mind and skin well-nourished and hydrated! 

Our Summer Collection Gift Box contains our full curation of 4 Australian products and 2 international products (all full-size), our seasonal Bare & Wilde publication "Dimensions of Wellness" and also a personalised card with a mindful colouring-in print.  

We also individually stock each of our selected products in our summer collection so after you've tried on the products, you can replenish through our wellness store - and the good news is, all individual purchases are still gift wrapped in our luxurious white gift boxes!