Self Love Bundle: Candle + Bath Salt Blend
Self Love Bundle: Candle + Bath Salt Blend
Self Love Bundle: Candle + Bath Salt Blend

Self Love Bundle: Candle + Bath Salt Blend

Sale price$50.00
Size:Self Love Bundle with 200g Candle + 400g Bath Salts
Made In Australia
Cruelty Free & Toxin Free
Sustainable Packaging
Plant a tree with each box sold

The perfect bundle to elevate your self care ritual in the comfort of your own home (particularly if you are a bath lover). It also makes a perfect gift to someone special and remind them that they deserve to fill cup their cup. The Self Love Bundle features selected favourites from our self care product range, including our Essential Oil Soy Candle and Essential Oil Bath Salts.

Made with vegan-friendly and natural ingredients, infused with powerful essential oil blends curated with an essential oil expert. Add intention to your self care ritual by pairing this bundle with our signature guided breathwork and meditations created in partnership with Add Goodness.

Scan QR codes on products to access the paired guided rituals.

Self Love Bundle

Self Love Bundle: Candle + Bath Salt Blend

This Self Love Bundle makes self care rituals, infused with intention, available at your fingertips. Pair our signature Allegra Candle with a calming and heart opening bath salt blend, promoting self-acceptance, optimism, peace and calm. Nurture your connection of the heart, allowing it to be open to receiving love and radiating it from within. And this is how:

1. Carve out self care time, a time to reflect, connect with yourself and find clarity.
2. Draw yourself our Self Love Bath.
3. As your bath is filling, light your Allegra Candle to infuse your space with the scent of beautiful essential oils. We also recommend spraying your bathroom with Pleasures of Presence. Immerse yourself in your own sanctuary.
4. When your bath is ready, scan the QR code to access the Add Goodness guided self love meditation.
5. Delve deeper into meditative state as you indulge in your beautiful self love bath.

Guided self-care rituals at your fingertips

The Self Love Bundle is best paired with our guided self love meditation and candle gazing meditation created in partnership with Add Goodness.

Click video on right to access a sneak peek of the paired guided rituals.


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